hillary clinton, the first female president of the u.s.?

hillary clinton announced she would run for the presidency for the second time after two years of speculation and coy denial; she quickly becomes a favorite candidate for the democratic nomination and is likely to become the first female president in u.s. history


year of sheep 2015

the spring festival is the most important festival for the chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like christmas in the west.

my friendship diary

dear friends, i become 65 years old when october 1 comes in 2014. on my birthday, i want to express my gratitude to you, friends from foreign countries.

bloodiest battles: anti-japanese war documentary series

the july 7 incident marked the beginning of china's eight-year war of resistance against japanese aggression when lugou bridge was attacked by japanese troops.

world internet conference wuzhen summit

to promote the development of internet to be the global shared resources for human solidarity and economic progress, the first “world internet conference” (wuzhen summit) is to be held in wuzhen, a town of more than 7,000 years of history of civilization in zhejiang province from november 19th to 21st, 2014.

beijing gears up for 2014 apec summit

yanqihu of huairou district, beijing is the exact convention point of apec 2014, which will be held in autumn.

focus on common people's life in xinjiang

xinjiang autonomous region is famous for its rich resources and hospitable people.

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transcript of premier li keqiang's interview with financial times editor lionel barber

on the afternoon of 31 march 2015, premier li keqiang of the state council gave an exclusive interview to lionel barber, editor of the financial times, at the great hall of the people.


top legislator stresses vocational education

zhang, chairman of the standing committee of national people's congress, china's top legislature, made the remarks while checking enforcement of the vocational education law in central china's henan province from april 12 to 15.


hot online in china: the world is so big and i want to get a glimpse of it

keyword: scarce talent; post-80s; bondage; resignation; xinhua; copy shop


when snoopy travels back to ancient china...

when snoopy travels back to ancient china, will he act like a philosopher and rethink the truths of his dog life? what if he lives in a large garden like the grand view garden in the chinese classic "a dream in red mansions"?


cute football babes seen in a primary school campus in jinan

photo taken on april 15, 2015 shows girls performing cheerleading in the campus of the primary school attached to shandong normal university in jinan, east china's shandong province. a "football league" in units of classes is launched in the school to promote campus football and train backup talents in soccer.


beijing girl and her pet pig

a beijing girl became famous after showing some selfies of her pet, a pig with the weight of 85 kilograms. “she is my princess and not smelly at all,” the girl exclaimed.


beijing leads anniversary of popular japanese anime characters

about 50 models of crayon shin-chan, posters and manuscripts are on display in the exhibition from april 18 to june 22. this year marks the 25th anniversary that yoshito usui started running his series in the japanese magazine weekly manga action.


china jiangnan net boat fair kicks off in jiangxi

jiangnan net boat fair is a traditional local folklore carnival paying homage to liu chengzhong, a venerable figure who led people in annihilating locusts in the yuan dynasty (1279-1368), in wangjiangjing town of jiaxing city, east china's zhejiang province.

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